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  • How the U.S Title should be booked at Fastlane

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    World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) biggest show of the year is just around the corner.
    However, before this, we have Fastlane – a perfect pit stop to build momentum for superstars and a
    pay-per-view that can also help with storylines.

    Fastlane already has four matches confirmed on the card – three from SmackDown and one from
    Raw. I expect an Intercontinental Championship match to be added soon as well as a Raw Tag Team
    Title match. To finalise the card, I would add a US Title match.

    Now then, this Tuesday’s SmackDown was eventful for so many different reasons, in the midst of
    everything we saw a very good US Title triple-threat match, where the champion, R-Truth, retained
    against Rey Mysterio and Andrade.

    Since winning the title from Shinsuke Nakamura, Truth has had a solid run. At first, I think people may
    have thought he would lose it at the earliest opportunity, however, WWE have kept the title on him
    for the time being.

    Furthermore, with him now issuing open challenges, and there still being one SmackDown left
    before Fastlane, it’ll be interesting to see if he does the same again.

    Personally, I feel he should. The triple-threat was entertaining and showed why Truth deserves to be
    a serious mid-carder. If he offers another open challenge I think he should retain again and go to
    Fastlane as the US champion.

    Now to the actual PPV. This is a prime opportunity for WWE to have someone who hasn’t been
    pushed recently to be pushed. I would build it where we see one of the three Tag Title matches
    defended first, then see the US Title match. Truth and Carmella should be in the ring, boasting about
    him retaining for him then to issue another open challenge.

    Who answers the challenge? HARPER answers the challenge!

    Harper has been out with a wrist injury since late 2018. Fastlane would be the perfect platform for
    his return, with Rowan now partnered with Daniel Bryan, it’s now time for Harper to have another
    singles run.

    In terms of the open challenge, Harper’s music should hit, let the crowd react, only for it to stop and
    have Carmella stand on the entrance ramp and laughing it off. The arena should then got to black,
    re-light after a few seconds and have Harper stood staring at Truth. The bell should ring, Truth
    should run at Harper, only to eat a big-boot. After this, Harper should clobber Truth with a discuss
    clothesline and capture the US title.

    Now it’s not the best way to show the talent both superstars have, but I feel it is the best way to give
    the soon-to-be returning Harper a heel singles run.

    Written by – Aiden Beswick (@ABeswickSport)

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