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Conrad Thompson addresses trademark rumour

By Big Daddy Kal, published on 6th March 2019

During an appearance on Total Engagement with Matt Koon, Conrad Thompson addressed his “Dead Man Talking” trademark filing:

“I just thought it was a cool name,” Thompson said. “I’m not trying to be coy, I’m just saying, I thought it was a cool name, I first heard the name years ago, and nobody trademarked it. And there is another podcast with that name out there but they don’t cover anything wrestling-related. I don’t know that I’ll be successful — I petitioned for the trademark, I don’t know that I’ll be awarded the trademark. But I thought it was a cool name.”

He added, “And we did book the Undertaker for Starrcast, and we have talked about the possibility of there being a second booking or there being a stage show or whatever involved with that. Maybe there might be something besides just pictures and autographs, but I don’t have anything confirmed with anyone. The Undertaker is a contracted professional with WWE. I can’t imagine that he would do something outside of their umbrella besides a one-off appearance here or there at a Comic Con or something like that, like he’s got coming up in the UK or Starrcast. But I thought it was a cool name. And so, I mean that’s sorta where we are.”

By Big Daddy Kal, published on 6th March 2019
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