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  • New Bullet Club Member Revealed at New Japan Cup

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    New Japan has revealed that there is a new member of the Bullet Club debuting very soon.

    A promo package teased the new arrival to NJPW at a recent New Japan Cup show. The package showed a lone figure standing in a dimly light ring, that figure was UK based star, El Phantasmo.

    The Canadian born performer originally got his start in NWA: Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling, where he debuted in October 2005. El Phantasmo worked his way through the Canadian independent scene before relocating to the UK. Phantasmo then started with Revolution Pro (Rev Pro) in 2017.

    Rev Pro and New Japan have a close working relationship. El Phantasmo actually won the British J Cup event co-hosted by Rev Pro/NJPW in 2018 at the Manchester Wrestling Media Con. Phantasmo defeated Rich Swann, Rocky Romero and KUSHIDA in the final of the tournament to take the cup.

    It is likely that the close affiliation between Rev Pro/NJPW is the reasoning behind Phantasmo’s signing. The Canadian star is one of the standout performers in the UK and will soon be taking on PAC for the Fight Forever promotion.

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