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  • Eminem & WWE to work on future projects

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    Eminem is reportedly dipping his toe into the wrestling business.

    Slim Shady has signed a deal to contribute to the soundtrack for WWE’s upcoming WWE 2K20video game, according to Fightful. He will also appear on an episode of the company’s weekly show SmackDown Live later this year.

    The WWE 2K series is no stranger to Hip Hop. The WWE 2K17 soundtrack was curated by Diddy.

    No timeframe for Eminem’s appearance on SmackDown Live has been revealed, but the rap superstar will presumably wait until the show moves to FOX in October.

    New entries in the WWE 2K series are typically released that same month, making it a fitting time for Eminem to appear and promote the video game.

    Eminem has never made an appearance on WWE television before, despite a rumour about a potential collaboration surfacing in 2008.

    However, his rival Machine Gun Kelly was once involved in a memorable moment on WWE RAW in 2015. During a July episode of the show, MGK got in a confrontation with wrestler Kevin Owens and was power-bombed off a stage.

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