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  • PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 2019: Results

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    Day One

    • SSS16 First Round: Ilja Dragunov defeated Chris Brookes via pinfall.
    • SSS16 First Round: Kyle Fletcher defeated Daga via pinfall.
    • SSS16 First Round: Travis Banks defeated DJZ via pinfall.
    • SSS16 First Round: Jordan Devlin defeated Lucky Kid via pinfall.
    • SSS16 First Round: Trevor Lee defeated Aerostar via pinfall.
    • SSS16 First Round: David Starr defeated Artemis Spencer via pinfall.
    • SSS16 First Round: Paul Robinson defeated Darby Allin via pinfall.
    • SSS16 First Round: Kyle O’Reilly defeated Chris Ridgeway via submission.

    Day Two

    • Aerostar defeated Daga via pinfall.
    • SSS16 Quarter Final: Jordan Devlin defeated Kyle Fletcher via pinfall.
    • SSS16 Quarter Final: Ilja Dragunov defeated Trevor Lee via pinfall.
    • PROGRESS Women’s Title Four Way Qualifier: Session Moth Martina defeated Jinny via pinfall.
    • Jinny then embraced Martina and seemingly said farewell to the PROGRESS faithful.
    • No Disqualification Match: Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskins, Mark Andrews & Ligero defeated Do Not Resuscitate (Chuck Mambo, Drew Parker, Spike Trivet & Bill Eaver) via pinfall.
    • This match also saw Mark Andrews save Eddie Dennis, reforming F.S.U!
    • SSS16 Quarter Final: Kyle O’Reilly defeated Paul Robinson via submission.
    • SSS16 Quarter Final: David Starr and Travis Banks went to a double count-out. The two then brawled around ringside until Jim Smallman announced the two will join Ilja in the semis, making it a triple threat match.
    • PROGRESS World & Atlas Title Unification Match: WALTER defeated Trent Seven via referee stoppage. The ref did not notice Seven’s foot on the rope before the stoppage.

    Day Three

    • Wasteman Challenge: Chris Brookes defeated Chris Ridgeway, DJZ, Artemis Spencer, The O.J.M.O, Connor Mills, Roy Johnson, Chris Ridgeway, Lucky Kid and Trevor Lee via pinfall.
    • SSS16 Semi Final: David Starr defeated Travis Banks and Ilja Dragunov via pinfall. Dragunov was first eliminated by Banks bis pinfall.
    • SSS16 Semi Final: Jordan Devlin defeated Kyle O’Reilly via pinfall.
    • Death Match: Paul Robinson defeated Jimmy Havoc via pinfall. This was Jimmy Havoc’s final match in PROGRESS.
    • PROGRESS Tag Team Titles: Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) defeated Aerostar & Daga via pinfall.
    • The 198 then attack Aussie Open and steal their tag team titles.
    • PROGRESS Women’s Title: Jordynne Grace defeated Session Moth Martina, Millie McKenzie & Nina Samuels via pinfall. Jordynne Grace turned heel before the match, blaming the fans and management for treating her poorly.
    • SSS16 Final: David Starr defeated Jordan Devlin via pinfall.

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