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  • Why does Pro Wrestling need AEW?

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    Launched on New Year’s Day 2019, All Elite Wrestling has already become an alternative to the Sport’s Entertainment Kingpin that is WWE.

    Backed by the financial muscle by the father and son duo of Shahid and Tony Khan, AEW promises to serve up a style of wrestling that will leave spectators entertained with the core element of Professional Wrestling.

    The Young Bucks, brothers Matt and Nick Jackson moved on from Japan’s Bullet Club, where they were joined by Cody Rhodes and Adam “Hangman” Page.

    At the conclusion of their contracts in Japan, the Jackson siblings, Rhodes and Page would depart the Land of the Rising Sun to return to the United States.

    Prior to becoming free agents on the Independent Wrestling Scene, the then bullet Club member hosted a history-making Wrestling event. All In, which was held in Chicago, was held to prove a point to longtime Wrestling Pundit Dave Meltzer. The event was financed by Rhodes and Nick and Matt Jackson to prove to the pundit that they could sell out an actual Arena.

    The much sought after tickets had SOLD OUT within thirty minutes of being on sale. With all 11,000 tickets being the hottest ticket in town, All In became the first non-WWE or World Championship Wrestling promoted an event in the United States to sell over 10,000 tickets since 1993 – which featured wrestlers from Ring of Honour (ROH).

    Following the acclaim that All In received on the independent wrestling circuit, The Elite continued to go from strength to strength after a YouTube comedy-skit based series under the name of Being The Elite, earned public acceptance from Wrestling Fan’s all over the World.

    The series, which starred the founding members of All Elite Wrestling, documents a diary-format which enables fans and followers to take a sneak peek into their personal and professional lives, bringing them closer than ever before.

    After the popularity of the YouTuibe series, which has had over 150 episodes at this current date, All Elite Wrestling was officially launched in January 2019 with ambitions to become a genuine, more inclusive alternative to WWE, who since 2001 has dominated the professional wrestling world in the United States.

    By the end of December 2018, All Elite Wrestling officially formed, with Rhodes, the Jackson brothers all becoming Executive Vice-Presidents of the business, with the Khan’s financially involved, adding to their ownership of the NFL franchise Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham Football Club.

    So, why exactly does the World of Wrestling need All Elite Wrestling to be a success?

    All Elite Wrestling’s aims for the coming months and years will be to offer a sustainable alternative to that offered by WWE, creating a viable product which can compete, rival and attract people to its marketed brand, whether they be hardcore or casual wrestling fans.

    WWE has needed genuine, healthy competition for fans to debate about for two decades ever since the demise of World Championship Wrestling back in 2001.

    In the process, the newly-founded company will be able to create jobs and also create new characters, content, storylines and stars to add to its ever-increasing roster of performers.

    Unlike the WWE franchise, wrestlers who compete under the AEW banner are free to perform at events elsewhere throughout the United States and the rest of the world, giving them the freedom to explore different opportunities.

    All Elite Wrestling isn’t just changing the face of the sport inside the ring, but its also bringing issues in everyday society into its domain.

    The roster has also changed the landscape on how professional wrestling has been perceived with the introduction of LGBTQ performers to its current line-up of wrestlers including Nyla Rose, who became the first Trans woman to sign for a professional wrestling organisation.

    Since its formation, AEW has prized away some of the big names who were formally tied down to big WWE contracts.

    Chris Jericho became one of the familiar faces to switch to an AEW contract, while Neville, who currently wrestles under the ring-name of Pac, has also signed on with the Jacksonville-based company.

    So much so, with the success that All Elite Wrestling is now achieving on the mainstream professional circuit, television companies are now looking to enter the market to broadcast their future events.

    The upcoming Double Or Nothing event, which will be screened as a Pay-Per View-televised match-up on the American T.B.S network (Turner Broadcasting System) will take place on May 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

    The sold-out event will consist of seven matches throughout the night, with the one to watch likely to be Chris Jericho v Kenny Omega.

    As of this writing, ITV has announced that All Elite Wrestling has secured a home for its weekly Television Series on ITV 4 and further to this historic announcement, this will mark the first time that a major Wrestling Pay Per View will be aired on a non-Sky TV Service.

    ITV Box Office proudly offers All Elite Wrestling’s first Pay Per View, Double or Nothing.

    With a further two events scheduled later on this year, Fyter Fest on June 29 at Daytona Beach in Florida, as well as the charity-based special for victims of gun violence, Fight for the Fallen, on July 13 in Jacksonville, All Elite Wrestling continues to go from strength to strength.

    The sky remains the limit for Rhodes’ and co with their venture as an alternative to WWE and now they have the opportunity to take the new project to a whole new, dedicated audience.

    Please Note: Double or Nothing can be available to view on ITV Box Office and the FITE TV app.

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