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  • ‘Fight The Good Fight’ Makes History For Mental Health

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    This past Sunday in Manchester, Wrestling Travel’s own, Lucy Openshaw, put together a wrestling event dedicated to raising money and awareness for mental health.

    For Lucy, this was her first attempt at organising an event, but she pulled it off in some style, with over a hundred people attending and a large number of wrestlers turning out.

    The ring and set-up at Fairfield Social Club, Manchester.

    The show was excellent from start to finish, and took away any worries and troubles from the outside world for a few hours, for which many in attendance are thankful for. It truly was a wrestling show to remember.

    The event itself made history, raising over £4,000 for mental health charities Papyrus and Manchester Mind, through ticket sales, merchandise sales and through donations. An incredible achievement!

    Here’s to Fight The Good Fight 2!

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