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  • Wrestling Travel To Assist Indy Wrestlers During Pandemic

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    The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic across the globe is a causing a lot of uncertainty for many.

    Independent wrestlers around the world are left in doubt about how their upcoming months will look.

    Many independent shows, due to no fault of their own, have been forced to cancel due to the ongoing pandemic, or have decided to cancel for everyone’s health and safety.

    The incredibly popular TNT Extreme Wrestling in Liverpool, UK.

    Independent wrestlers are missing out on receiving income from shows, and selling their merchandise directly at events. This is where Wrestling Travel step in.

    We are urging ALL independent wrestlers to send us their merch shop links, so we can directly promote on our socials and website during this unsettling time.

    Wrestling Travel want to use all of our platforms to help wrestlers all round the globe during this time of uncertainty, and support the independents.

    To reach out to us, simply;
    Tweet us: @WrestlingTravel

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