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    Wrestling Travel’s YouTube has been taken to a whole new level in the last few weeks, and we want you to be a part of the ride!

    Spearheaded by WT’s own Justin Clapper, Wrestling Travel’s YouTube channel has seen an increase in new content, from series such as; ‘The Lockdown Sessions’, ‘Road Stories’, ‘Free Match Friday’ and ‘Inside The Archives’

    The Lockdown Sessions – An exclusive sit-down interview with a wrestling personality from around the world.
    Road Stories – Tales from shows and on-the-road
    Free Match Friday – An exclusive free match presented by Turnbuckle TV and Wrestling Travel
    Inside The Archives –
    A look at some of the most rare memorabilia and classic footage from the past.

    Our premiere series, The Lockdown Sessions is an exclusive interview session conducted over the internet (due to current circumstances) from wrestling personalities all round the world. Guests so far have included; ‘The Interview Queen’ Alicia Atout, NWA World TV Champion, Zicky Dice, and Anthony Greene. Along with wrestlers who participated in the recent ManiaCrawl.

    Wrestling Travel has also seen Elev8 Pro‘s Brittani Nikole join the ranks, who has been a part of one of our Lockdown Sessions as a guest and now host.

    Wrestling Travel will be featuring some more exclusive must-see guests in the coming weeks including former ECW wrestlers, a former ROH World Champion and former WWE superstars, so make sure you don’t miss out and hit that subscribe button!

    Our latest offering for Free Match Friday is a match featuring WWE’s Nikki Cross (Nikki Storm) and NXT’s Kay Lee Ray.

    Our latest instalment from our Road Stories series is from James Rampage, who talks about a story from an independent show.

    And finally, our Inside The Archives series see’s our very own Justin Clapper talk about his tryout WCW contract that he received back in 1997.

    You can catch all this and more by subscribing to Wrestling Travel’s YouTube page right NOW!

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