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  • New NXT Cruiserweight Champion Crowned

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    Photo credit: WWE

    A new NXT Cruiserweight Champion was crowned on last night’s episode of NXT, which took place at the WWE Performance Centre in Orlando, Florida. Drake Maverick faced Lucha Libre sensation El Hijo del Fantasma, in the Cruiserweight Tournament Finals.

    Why a new WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion?

    The COVID-19 outbreak had effectively shut down the entire World, affecting Businesses, Spectator Sports, Entertainment, and Travel.

    During a Press conference on March 14th, U.S President Donald Trump declared a European Travel Ban, preventing European Travellers’ entry into the United States of America.

    Yet again WWE was faced with making another tough decision, which resulted in Jordan Devlin being stripped of his WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship. This was due to the fact that the Irish Ace would be unable to defend his Championship, due to the restrictions placed on traveling from Ireland to the United States of America.

    Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Rules

    The rules of the tournament were:

    • Eight Superstars were split into two groups of four.
    • Superstars would compete against each of the three other members of their group.
    • The Superstar with the best record in each group would advance to the Championship match.
    • Any ties would be broken by head-to-head record.
    • The winner of Group A would face the winner of Group B to determine the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

    The Finals to crown the new Champion

    Credit: WWE

    Another competitive, high-quality match, which saw both Maverick and Fantasma, exhibit their impressive skills. Towards the conclusion of the match, two mysterious Lucha masked men appeared at ringside.

    In recent weeks, these two masked men have been assaulting random stars. In an effort to keep the contest going without any interference, Maverick pounced upon both men, with an outside suicide dive

    Within moments of returning to the ring, Fantasma caught Maverick with a thunderous superkick. With a dazed Maverick in his clutches, Fantasma delivered a Phantom Driver, for the pinfall victory and the WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

    As Fantasma celebrated with his new Championship, a dejected and tearful Drake Maverick was left heartbroken. This was his last and only opportunity to save his job with WWE.

    Credit: Twitter

    Where does Drake Maverick go from here?

    Drake Maverick, over the last several weeks, has displayed a stubborn determination to prove that he belongs in a Company that is considered, unquestionably and without doubt, the “Big Leagues”.

    His dream of becoming a WWE Superstar, came to a halt after twenty contracted WWE Talents, were released from their contract, due to the effects that the Pandemic caused on WWE’s business.

    Unfortunately, Drake was amongst those who were released, back in April.

    However, at the conclusion of the Tournament Finals, Triple H walked from the back and met with Maverick on the entrance ramp. The Cerebral Assassin showed admiration and respect to the Underdog. Triple H then proceeded to hand the Birmingham born Superstar, a brand new WWE NXT Contract.

    Sometimes, even the biggest dreams, can come true.

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