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  • The Worst PPV Ever: Talk N’ Shop A Mania

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    Photo credit: Talk N' Shop A Mania

    Last night, a number of wrestlers and wrestling personalities gathered in Doc Gallows’ garden to create quite possibly, the worst wrestling pay-per-view we’ve ever witnessed: Talk N’ Shop A Mania.

    The founding father’s of this project, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson and Rocky Romero, who are also behind the Talk N’ Shop Podcast, reprised their famous fictional Southpaw Regional Wrestling characters; Sex Ferguson and Chadd 2 Badd for the first-ever Boneryard Match. Yep, you heard correct.

    In all fairness, it was silly, crazy, whacky, and just what we needed during this troubled time for the world.

    A Socially Distanced Battle Royal featuring stars like Freight Train, Stang (Heath Slater dressed as Sting) and the return of Alex Kozlov kicked off the action, to crown the first Talk N’ Shop A Mania Champion, which was ultimately won by Chico El Luchador.

    We saw former WWE/NJPW star Mike Bennett appear selling pills to Sex Ferguson before driving off, to Teddy Long declaring he is here ‘to get motherf*ckin paid!’

    The Boneryard Match main event itself was crazily booked, featuring things from Karl Anderson.. sorry Chadd 2 Badd trying to seduce Maria Kanellis, to a throwback to both Chadd and Sex in negotiations with their WWE contracts.

    This certainly won’t be the last we see of Talk N’ Shop A Mania, as it has already been teased a second installment will happen, and why the heck not? It gave us many of laughs, throwbacks and just utter insanity. With all that, it is still the worst PPV of all time.

    You can watch the replay Talk N’ Shop A Mania on Fite TV NOW

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