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Wrestling Travel’s “One To Watch”: Big Joe

By Lucy Openshaw, published on 19th June 2019

He is…Big Joe 

He describes himself as “the UK’s craziest, most violent doorman, wrestler, henchman and goon.”

Big Joe started training when he was 18-years-old and at 31 has trained with the UK Pitbulls at the Pitbull Powerhouse and also with the Knight family at Dubya A Dubya aka WAW.

Standing at 6ft 2, with his doorman gimmick, he enters the ring in a white shirt and armband from when he was Darwin’s personal bodyguard. You certainly don’t forget who Big Joe is.

Reminiscing about his debut match, in 2009, Joe remembers It was against Stevie Knight – he said ‘can you do anything from the top?’ I said ‘moonsault?’ To which he replied  ‘I’ll move then we will go home.'”

Joe also used a fork in the match, “my life went downhill from there” he later explained. 

Since then Joe has had many matches – his favourite of which was a deathmatch where, bizarrely, Wagner of X factor fame was also involved. However, the one time scourge of Simon Cowell isn’t Joe’s favourite opponent, as that honour is reserved for Danny Darko.

The big man has become something of a belt collector recently, as he currently holds the RISE Heavyweight, RISE Hardcore and WAW Deathmatch Championships and was FSW Tag Team champion with Bulk.

His dream match would be against deathmatch icon Nick Mondo and his influences include Mick Foley, Nick Gage and Bruiser Brody. 

When asked about his goals, his reply was, simply, “JAPAN”

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By Lucy Openshaw, published on 19th June 2019
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