If you’re thinking about taking your little ones with you, here’s some information to take into account. There are sometimes age restrictions that won’t allow children under a certain age into an event, so please check this before buying a Travel Package containing Live Event Tickets. Unless we specifically say otherwise, your children will need their own ticket, even if they’ll be sitting on your knee.
  • Children aged 0-18 months: Very few shows, if any, are aimed at this age group. 
  • 18 month – 5 years: We wouldn’t recommend taking children this young, but unless there’s a specific age restriction set by the venue or event organisers, this is completely up to you.
  • 5 years and over: It’s important to remember that a live show might be very different from what you see on TV.
So even if your little ones like the TV show, the live act might not be appropriate. Noise levels may also not be suitable for young children. 
Please remember if your children aren’t used to this type of atmosphere, it may not be an enjoyable experience for them.