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  • Will Ospreay wants to retire Jushin “Thunder” Liger

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    Photo credit: NJPW

    Speaking to NJPW, Ospreay spoke about the first time he heard about the news that Liger was going to be retiring after many years of wrestling inside the ring. Ospreay talked about watching Liger on television when he was a teenager and him being such a big part of his life. The current IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion added that it is sad to see Liger at Wrestle Kingdom next January for the final time.

    “It was really strange to hear. Every time I hear his music, I get goosebumps. When I was 14, I’d watch the Wrestling Channel on TV in the UK, and his music and highlights would air whenever they went to commercial. He’s been such a huge part of my life, and it’s so strange to think that January we’ll see him for the last time. I’m so happy because he’s had such a great career, but so sad because I’ll never see him wrestle again, or never wrestle again. It’s heartbreaking,” Ospreay said.

    Credit: New Japan Pro Wrestling – Jushin “Thunder” Liger poses in front of the NJPW Logo

    Liger and Ospreay have shared the ring in the past, including having a match during the 2017 Best of the Super Juniors tournament and at the Strong Style Evolved show in 2018, both of which Ospreay won. But Ospreay would love to have one more match with the Japanese legend and be his retirement match.

    “I’d love to be the last. That would be one of the coolest things of my life. If he wanted me to be his last match, I’d love to be his last match,” Ospreay said.

    The full interview between Ospreay and NJPW can be read at this link.

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