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  • WT & wXw team up for 16 Carat Gold Tournament

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    Manchester, United Kingdom – Wrestling Travel, the industry leader in premium travel services for professional wrestling fans, is proud to announce it is the official travel partner for Westside Xtreme Wrestling’s 16 Carat Gold tournament, at Turbinenhalle 1, Oberhausen, Germany. 

    To start this partnership, Wrestling Travel will provide an exclusive trip for WXW fans from around the world for the highly anticipated wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament (6th – 9th March 2020)

    The original event sold out within five minutes after going on sale in March 2019.

    Wrestling Travel is a heavyweight market-leading event and travel company that gives the opportunity for wrestling fans from all around the globe to attend some of the world’s greatest pro-wrestling events. Wrestling Travel offers exceptional value with phenomenal quality of service and overall safety for all our passengers. Wrestling Travel organizes your flights, hotel, event tickets and more to give travelers peace of mind and great customer satisfaction!

    Westside Xtreme Wrestling’s 16 Carat Gold is the longest-running wrestling tournament in Europe. The German promotion is hosting its fifteenth annual edition on March 6th to 8th, 2020, at Turbinenhalle 1, Oberhausen. What has started as a small event in a night club has by now turned into Europe’s biggest wrestling festival. VIP tickets, all seats, and all-balcony standing tickets have sold out within minutes after going on sale one year in advance. 

    For the 2019 edition, 1,500 fans have turned Oberhausen into the capital of European wrestling for a few days. Trending nationwide on Twitter in Germany and the UK for three consecutive days it’s a fair statement to say wrestling fans are excited about this unique wrestling show featuring wrestlers from all over the world. Everything at wXw is very close, there are fans standing right at the apron of the ring and there are no guardrails anywhere. 

    Between a total of seven wrestling events, there are unique mixers between fans and wrestlers – there is a usually crazy after-show party including karaoke as well as a bowling tournament, both with wrestlers and wrestling fans alike. No wonder over 100 fans from the UK and Ireland have travelled for 16 Carat Gold 2019 and there are fans making the trip from the USA, Canada, Japan, and Australia every single year.

    This exclusive Travel package will cover all wXw events for the 16 Carat Gold 2020 Weekend: 

    • Standing room ticket to wXw 16 Carat Gold Night 1, 2 and 3 – the big evening’s events.
    • Standing room ticket to AMBITION 12, shoot-style pro wrestling.
    • Standing room ticket to wXw NOW Showcase, an event hosting matches from different promotions available on the wXw NOW streaming service.
    • Ticket to the After Show Party.
    • Standing room ticket to wXw We Love Wrestling Feature Event.
    • Exclusive photo with all 16 tournament participants on stage.

    Travel Packages for 16 Carat Gold will go live on Friday 29th November exclusively on

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