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Trump Travel Ban: WrestleMania Update

By Big Daddy Kal, published on 14th March 2020
Photo credit: Sky News

As you might have already heard the UK and Ireland have been added to Trump’s Travel Ban meaning that travel to the USA will not be possible for WrestleMania.

We are currently assessing all options and waiting to hear what is happening with WrestleMania itself and whether or not it will be postponed or cancelled before any further steps are taken.

We are sure that you can appreciate this is not a situation anyone could have foreseen, nobody would have expected a pandemic and travel ban to the USA from the UK or Ireland to be put in place.

As soon as we know what is happening with Mania we will let you know of your options and what happens next.

Please rest assured that we will keep you updated and appreciate your patience.

By Big Daddy Kal, published on 14th March 2020
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