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  • Top 5: Who’s Going To Show Up At Slammiversary 2020?

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    Photo credit: IMPACT Wrestling

    On the 15th April 2020, WWE made numerous cuts to their talent roster, due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis around the world. Many jobs were lost, but with that, doors have now opened elsewhere, and Slammiversary could be the destination.

    IMPACT Wrestling have been capitalising on this, and are rumoured to have snapped up some of the released WWE talent, who will make their appearances at Slammiversary on July 18th.

    Teaser videos have been posted online, as well as wrestlers themselves posting numerous pictures and clips, all declaring things are changing for them on July 18th, the night of Slammiversary.

    Let’s take a look at the Top 5 rumoured names, who look set to appear at the big event.

    Mike & Maria

    Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett’s time in WWE was indifferent, which came with a lot of changes for the Bennett family. This included Mike seeking help for his painkiller addiction, two new babies born, and the crowning of the first woman to capture the 24/7 Championship.

    Their best times in WWE probably came on 205Live, where Mike delivered some great matches with the likes of Akira Tozawa and Drake Maverick, but elements outside of their control hindered their path to the top. They did have a brief spell on Raw, following the signing of new contracts for the couple, but that was short lived.

    The couple are no strangers to IMPACT Wrestling, appearing there during 2016-2017, which saw Mike become a one-time X-Division Champion, but the couple have been looking for a new ‘home’ since their WWE contracts were terminated, and this could be the perfect fit. IMPACT Wrestling have also been posting classic footage of the couple during their time in the company, so could this mean they’re heading back to ‘The Impact Zone’?

    Eric Young

    Eric Young is no stranger to the IMPACT Wrestling landscape. In fact, before joining WWE, Young had a 12-year run with the promotion, which included him claiming multiple accolades including becoming a Triple Crown and Grand Slam champion.

    Young’s career in WWE looked like it would take off once the stable SAnitY was born on NXT, but once moving up to the main roster things didn’t quite work out. A article claimed that SAnitY’s lack of success on the main roster was due to other tag teams on SmackDown stealing the thunder such as; The Uso’s The Bar and The New Day.

    The former Team Canada man was drafted to Raw alone, separating him from the NXT-popular stable, but was eventually featured on matches only taped for Main Event, before his release came.

    There’s not been many teases from Young that he will be heading to IMPACT, but IMPACT have promoted that a former world champion will be returning, and what a perfect fit it would be for the IMPACT veteran to reclaim his spot at the top of IMPACT Wrestling.

    Heath Slater

    According to Heath, July 18th better watch the hell out! July 18th is the night of Slammiversary which has lead many to suggest that Heath will appearing for IMPACT Wrestling that night.

    Heath has been a mainstay on the WWE roster for many years, including being a part of the original Nexus, and of course 3MB with Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. Heath was mainly treated as a comical character throughout his time in WWE, but always impressed.

    The ‘One Man Band’ did appear on the 6th July edition of Raw, in what Heath described as his farewell, which saw him square off against his close friend McIntyre, before they celebrated together as Heath exited.

    It is very likely he will show up at Slammiversary with the teaser that he’s posted on Twitter recently, and could be a major player for the brand.

    Gallows & Anderson

    Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, one of the most decorated tag teams of the modern era. Surprisingly released by WWE following their appearance in the Boneyard Match between AJ Styles and The Undertaker at WrestleMania. But when one door closes, another one opens.

    Rumours have been speculating that the tag team have worked out a deal with IMPACT Wrestling, which will also mean they can also work dates for New Japan Pro Wrestling in the future too. A great deal, right?

    Teases have been constant for the tag team appearing at Slammiversary, with mentions of them on IMPACT TV, as well as Gallows wearing an IMPACT t-shirt on a recent Instagram post. It’s safe to say, we could be seeing the Good Brothers on 18th July!


    EC3 made a name for himself in IMPACT Wrestling for just under five years, and became one of the top guys on the roster. It’s certainly safe to say he would slot straight back into the main event scene right now, and pick up where he left off.

    There was huge hopes for EC3 when he left IMPACT Wrestling and joined WWE. His charisma, his look, were the perfect match, but like many who walk through the doors of the WWE Performance Center, things just didn’t quite work out, with his best run coming on NXT under the guidance of Triple H.

    IMPACT Wrestling continue to promote that a former world champion is returning on July 18th, and EC3 fits the bill. He has also been promoting some promos on social media recently, which would hint a move somewhere is imminent. Could we be seeing the return of EC3 at Slammiversary?

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